Aldrich Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy


Our overall approach to sourcing, evaluating and closing investments is founded upon the highest standards of confidentiality, professionalism and certainty. We are focused on building value over the long term and reinvesting earnings to grow the equity value of our portfolio companies over time.

Sound investing requires flexibility and the ability to modify strategies with changing market dynamics. While we can hold our investments for up to 10 years, the actual length of the investment will vary based upon financial performance, market trends and integration of subsequently acquired businesses. We generally hold our equity investments for a period of 3 to 7 years. Once the initial transaction is closed, management runs the day-to-day operations of the companies in which we invest. Our continuing involvement will vary based on each situation.

Our investment objective is to build long-term value and generate superior capital returns based on the performance of our portfolio companies, while minimizing risks for our investors. We value quality over quantity, and therefore will continue to invest in a limited number of companies with exceptional potential. We seek to invest in companies which we believe have the potential to achieve significant capital appreciation. We are patient, growth-oriented investors, and our strategy includes enhancing value through fundamental development, not the breakup of the companies in which we invest.

A central component of the Firm’s investment philosophy is management. We endeavor to invest in outstanding people who possess the ability, experience, integrity and motivation to succeed. Thus we seek out and support companies that have strong, experienced management teams. We believe that management should have a significant equity position in our portfolio companies, and we structure our investments accordingly.

It is not our intention to be actively involved in day-to-day operations, but we will work in close partnership with senior management to assist in strategy and policy decisions. We apply our talents and expertise in the areas of strategic planning, acquisitions, finance and corporate governance. We are committed to helping management achieve appropriate long-term goals.

Our portfolio companies typically have a conservative capital structure and avoid

excessive use of leverage, and are therefore well positioned for future growth opportunities. The Firm’s experience has been to aggressively pursue strategic add-on acquisitions, as well as internal expansion opportunities to grow our portfolio companies. Finally, we are relationship-driven with a strong commitment to our investors and our referral sources.